Top 10 Architect Schools

Not only are architects responsible for the look and appearance of the buildings they design; they are also the ones who determine the safest and most secure structures, the most economical use of the spaces available and even the overall costs of the building. In order to learn how to do all of this, architects should seek out the best possible education and learn how to get the most out of every design.

Cornell University

Cornell University in Ithaca, New Yorkhas arguably the best architecture programs in the country. Established in 1871, the College of Architecture, Art and Planning offers degrees with concentrations in architecture and art as well as in city and regional planning. Students can also filter into the Masterís programs in regional planning, urban development, architectural science or design. The school only accepts a few hundred students each year, so students must have the highest test scores and GPAs to gain admittance.

Southern California Institute of Architecture

At the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles, California, students will have one of the most unique educational experiences available. The school takes the traditional academic study of architecture as a jumping off point and gives students the chance to test their limits and explore their own creativity. They will learn the basics with foundational classes, but students will love the many chances to think outside the typical course design for architecture.

Rice University

The Rice University School of Architecture in Houston, Texas marries the best of art, design, engineering and history. Students will benefit from the schoolís unwavering dedication to the artistic visions and the scientific geniuses of architecture as they learn the amazing things that are possible with the right education.

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Syracuse University

At Syracuse Architecture in New York, students can earn both Bachelorís and Masterís degrees in architecture. The school declares a dedication to the humanistic tradition as they explore the interactions between individuals, cultures, and their designs and structures.

California Polytechnic State University

The College of Architecture and Environmental Design at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California takes a serious approach to sustainability and green design. With multiple classes on the environmental influences and impacts on architecture, the school is the perfect place for students who are interested in a socially conscious architectural education.

University of Texas at Austin

At the School of Architecture of Texas in Austin, Texas, there are multiple different disciplines for students to explore. There are programs in landscape architecture, architectural history, sustainable development, urban planning, interior design and more.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University provides the College of Architecture and Urban Studies. Students can specialize in architecture, design, construction, engineering and even public and international affairs for focus on urban affairs and planning.

Rhode Island School of Design

The architecture program at Rhode Island School of Design emphasizes the artistic components of the discipline. Emphasis is placed on spatial cognition, design, construction methods, and ethical responsibility to oneís community and environment.

Iowa State University

The very small and very competitive Architecture program at Iowa State University takes five years to complete but concludes with an examination very similar to the national licensing exam.

Auburn University

The College of Architecture, Design and Construction at Auburn University in Alabama has a long history of excellence in design. With programs that explore the intersection of engineering and art, students will understand the best of both worlds and contribute to well-conceived and developed designs.

Any of these top schools will equip students with the skills and knowledge they will ultimately need to produce the most elegant, functional, and secure buildings in any city. Plus, by attending one of the top universities in the country, students will ensure that they will remain relevant in an incredibly competitive field.
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